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Workshops that I offer:

· 6 Secrets to Recharging a Superwoman

· 3 Steps to Recharging YOU in 2020!

· Healthy Eating on the Go

· Heart Healthy Workshop

· Busy Professionals on the Go

· The Art of Eating- Discover what Truly Nourishes You!

· Self Care

· Feng Shui 101

· Feng Shui and Relationships

· Feng Shui and the Office

· Declutter Workshop- Your Home and Body

· Food Mood Connection Workshop

· Mindfulness

· The Dangers of Sugar & 10 Ways to Quit

· Detox & Rejuvenate

· Smoothie Workshop

· Other Plant Based Cooking Workshops

· 3 Dimensions of each Element of the Wellness Wheel:

o Water

o Food

o Sun

o Body

o Air

o Rest

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Create Your Day Today!

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be in charge of creating your day?   Imagine being proactive and being the creator versus reactive and wishing for something else to happen!   Check out how 15 minutes in the morning can make all the difference in creating your dream day or life! 

Reduce Stress with your Mindset!

In this video, I share some tips on how to reduce stress using your mindset!   Our mindset affects how you feel about relationships, money, self-worth, giving, receiving, your body, your job, your successes and so much more!   Get ready, to learn a few tips to reduce stress and improve your mindset today!