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My Feng Shui Journey


In 2000, I started my journey learning about Feng Shui.  My father in law was diagnosed with cancer and medical doctors were unable to heal him.  The cancer had spread too far and his time was limited.  I started exploring other holistic modalities to learn how these could be beneficial to our health and well being.   

Feng Shui literally translates to Wind Water and is the Ancient Chinese Art of Placement.   It helps with how the energy flows in your home or office.   It is using intention to create the life you want through your home or office.   Think of it this way, your physical surroundings are a reflection of who you are and who you want to be.

What you eat physically and emotionally creates your physical outer world also known as your body.  How you design, decorate or intentionally place items in your home is your outer world at home and work.    Design both your body and home by what you choose to put into it!

I have seen using the principles of Feng Shui guide a person into finding a better career, the relationship of their dreams, creating the life they have always wanted and the health to enjoy it for generations to come.

Whatever your dreams or goals are, you can use the principles of Feng Shui to create them and bring them to fruition today.  

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Inner Feng Shui means to me:

A balance in our bodies emotionally, physically, and elementally. Being at peace with life, being happy, sad, angry, joyful, excited, quiet…

Kim Goeltom

**Above is a picture of Terah Kathryn Collins and Kim Goeltom. Terah is the author of many books and founder of the Western School of Feng Shui™. **

Feng Shui Education

  • Yan's Professional Feng Shui Institute- 2001
  • Western School of Feng Shui- 2007
  • Feng Shui Interior Redesign Course- 2007


Enjoy working with a trained professional.

As an alumni of the Western School of Feng Shui™, my training, experience, and personal commitment is your assurance of a high degree of professionalism. 


Western Feng Shui fully honors Feng Shui’s Eastern heritage, while focusing on its many practical applications in our Western culture.


"I have already incorporated several of the suggestions in a couple of rooms, and my house seems to breathe better.  I like the way it looks and feels when I walk through these rooms.   I will continue to call Kim for her expertise.  Not only is she a wealth of information, she is truly a pleasure to work with."   Mary G.

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