Empowered Living for Superwomen Recharge, Redefine and Create Resilience


Empowered Living for Superwomen Recharge, Redefine and Create Resilience

You're in the right place if...

  • You are tired of being tired
  • Wake up in the morning still exhausted
  • Need caffeine to exist
  • Can't remember the last time you did something for you
  • Feel like it is impossible to get healthy
  • Your 'to do' list is never ending
  • Can't lose weight
  • You have afternoon energy crashes

Are you a Superwoman?


Superwomen are constantly taking on more responsibilities, being promoted, saying 'yes' to everyone and every project because they love helping others and doing what they can to help their colleagues, family and friends.

You have added yet another project, birthday party, play date for the kids, going away party, volunteer project and so on. It never ends.

With so much on your daily plate, you are getting tired, are starting to get foggy brain, frustrated with not having the energy like you used to, and wanting more time in a day or week or even month for that matter to get everything done. 

Wondering what to do to get your life back?

Are you tired of being tired, wondering how you can add another day into the week, or hour in the day or where can you get another cup of coffee from so you can get that last project done for the day?

I have a customized 6 Step Coaching Program that will help you learn how to feel energized to live a life outside of the never-ending “to do’s” so you can overcome exhaustion and the feeling that the weight of the world is on your shoulders!

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Kim Goeltom

Certified Master Wellness Coach

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