Dawn M.

"I struggled with fatigue, soreness, hotflashes, inability to lose weight.

I have gained more energy & stamina, I'm not as sore, or if I get sore I recover quicker.  The hotflashes are much less frequent and less severe.

The breakthroughs were having Kim find the right foods and a couple supplements that would work specifically for me.  She took the time to read labels for me and found out that I had been using a protein powder that actually had mushroom powder in it, and guess what...I'm allergic to mushrooms...I never would have thought to look for that in the ingredients!

I feel great now that I have more energy and know what things work and what doesn't for my specific needs and body type!

I think the biggest benefit was having someone take the time to really listen to me and find out what would work and what wouldn't work...not just a one-size-fits-all program.

I feel like the program could work for anyone who is either struggling with making healthy choices, or even the super healthy-conscious people who just need some fine-tuning."

Maria N.


What were you struggling before you started my program?   I just been diagnosed with Diabetes.  I have struggled all my life with my weight and I knew I was at a high risk of becoming diabetic.  The diagnosis was very emotional for me.  But at that moment I also knew that I had do educate myself about the disease and work towards being well again.

What has improved or changed for you?   First my A1C went down from 7.4 to 6.6.  This is where my doctor wants me to be, below 7.  This is without medication and using diet only to control my blood sugars.  A really big change that was unexpected, as I was pretty much resigned to the fact I would struggle with sleep issues for the rest of my life, I no longer struggle to fall asleep.  Once I go to bed, I am asleep in less than 30 minutes and I sleep soundly through the night.  Prior to doing the wellness challenge, I may have resorted to some form of melatonin in order to get some sleep.  I love that I get to sleep like I did when I was much younger.  I also did lose 5.5 lbs.  I lost more weight by focusing on what I needed to do to be well for my diabetes than I did when I was focusing exclusively on losing the weight.

What breakthroughs did you experience?   Learning to say no to others has always been difficult for me.  I learned new ways to set up my boundaries and cope when I run into situations that push those boundaries.  I needed to come to understand that those boundaries are necessary for my wellbeing and happiness.  If I say yes to everyone, there won’t be any time left to say yes to myself.  If I don’t take time for myself, then eventually I won’t have any of me left to give.  

How do you feel now? I feel empowered and more knowledgeable.  

What was most helpful about my program for you?   How supportive you are and how it was really all about me.  The program for me was about where I was at the time and what I wanted to focus on.  I also came to understand that my health and wellness isn’t just a medical condition, it’s all the things in my life.  

Who do you think would most benefit from this program?   A person wanting and willing to do what’s necessary to improve their life and health. 

Lynette C.

 "The biggest challenge that I was struggling with was on time management and not having enough time to juggle everything on my plate. After working with Kim I’ve been able to structure my tasks better by using time blocks. I learned to put less pressure on myself and how it effects my stress and mood. Now a days I feel more organized. I enjoyed having someone listen to my struggles and help guide me to making positive changes. Women with demanding careers and business owners would benefit from working with Kim."  

Frank C.

 "My struggle before I started the coaching program was the struggle of feeling stuck and being unable to move on into the next chapter of my life.

The thing that has changed for me was how my own outcome is determined through my own decisions and actions. I’ve gained a greater awareness of who I am and what my potential can be.

I’ve experienced breakthroughs in learning how to take control over my sugar intake, stress reduction, relaxation, sleep, journaling, prevention and reversal of disease and mindset. I do feel a bit of stress, but it’s the kind of stress that one gets from the anticipation of something great happening because I am going through a change …a positive change.

The most beneficial part of the coaching program was the personal interaction with my coach. Kim made me feel at ease. It was like having a conversation with a good friend.

This allowed me to gain a perspective on what my challenges were and how to move forward beyond the obstacles that I allowed to stand in my way previously.

Anyone who is looking to make a positive change in his/her life and willing to put in the self-effort to bring about that change would greatly benefit from working with Kim." 

Margaret A.

 "I was struggling with relocation, my diet, and acceptance by my family on my new look and success in weight.  After working with you for a few months everything changed! I was able to settle down in my new home, improve my diet (even my doctor was surprised by my numbers!) and I was able to get my husband and daughter to embrace a new healthy lifestyle. It really is great working with you."   

Terry S.

 I met Kim as part of my  IAWP Wellness 360 training program.  She became my coach and that experience was most helpful.  Each call we unravelled a new piece to a wellness struggle.  My overall goal was to reduce sugar consumption and acidity levels mainly to live a less inflammatory lifestyle.  I am a breast cancer survivor and want to do as many things as possible to live a long clean, healthy life. Kim was able to ask the questions that probed me to dig deeper into the historical reasons that I reach for sugary foods and offer a myriad of different strategies to alter behaviour.  In addition, she provided me with new information about reducing inflammation, such as ginger baths and Bromelain. I was able to make some connections about why I use food to support me and learn to celebrate and respect the many healthy lifestyle choices that I already have in place.  Kim is a compassionate and knowledgeable coach who has a range of strategies on hand.  She takes you from where you are, in manageable steps, towards reaching your goal. I was most impressed with her ability to respectfully ask thought provoking questions that helped empower me to take the responsibility for my own health choices. She was ready with some suggestions and insight once the awakening occurred.  I am grateful for Kim's coaching.