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Looking to host a workshop or a Lunch & Learn?

Workshops that I offer:

· 6 Secrets to Recharging a Superwoman

· 3 Steps to Recharging YOU in 2020!

· Creating Resilience in your Mind!

· Creating Resilience in your Body!

· Creating Resilience in your Soul!

· Healthy Eating on the Go

· Healthy Eating at the Holidays

· Clean Eating for Energy

· Is Digestion Weighing you Down?

· Smoothie Basics

· Heart Healthy Workshop

· Busy Professionals on the Go

· The Art of Eating- Discover what Truly Nourishes You!

· Self Care

· Declutter Workshop- Your Home and Body

· Food Mood Connection Workshop

· Mindfulness

· The Dangers of Sugar & 10 Ways to Quit

· Detox & Rejuvenate

· Smoothie Workshop

· Other Plant Based Cooking Workshops

3 Dimensions of each Element of the Wellness Wheel:

o Water - Juicy Living: How to go from dehydrated and Stuck to Flowing and Glowing

o Food -  Nourish Now: Learn the 4 Simple Steps to Eat for Nourishment, Natural Weight Loss and Abundant Energy 

o Sun -  Ignite Your Fire: How to Increase your Energy and Feel Better Than Ever Before  

o Body - Embodied Living: Learn the 4 Simple Steps to Feel Better in Your Body

o Air -  Changes and Challenges: How to Navigate the ups and downs of life without losing your mind or yourself 

o Rest -  Lights Out: How to Sleep Like a Baby and Wake up Energized Everyday 

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6 Secrets to Recharging a Superwoman!

 Release yourself from the pressure of doing everything for everyone, so you can finally go from depleted to recharged! 

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