Personal Training for Superwomen- Coming in 2020!

With schedules getting busier than ever, the demand for one on one personal training at one's home, office or virtual is needed these days!

You asked me for this and I listened!   

I am launching Personal Training in 2020!  

Services Offered Will Be:

  • In home personal training
  • In office personal training
  • Virtual personal training

My mission is to use an integrated approach to create a program just for you based on your goals, needs and abilities in a safe and systematic fashion.

Every person is unique and has a different set of needs for movement.   For example, a person with adrenal fatigue, can't handle cardio, that actually depletes them more than they already are.

With my intake process, I take a holistic approach to your needs to ensure a program that is designed to help you achieve your goals! 

Stay Tuned!